3D Printing Troubleshooting / Tips

3d printing is not as easy as printing something on paper. There are a lot of things to watch out for.

The 3D prints that can be downloaded from this website have all been tested on a 3D printer. Nevertheless, problems can arise, here are a few printing tips for better results (not complete):

  • Your printer should have been properly calibrated before printing (e.g. first layer calibration, Prusa Printers).
  • Leveling the heating bed (some printers do this by themselves, others do not).
  • The nozzle should never be damaged, blocked, loose.
  • The belts must always have the correct tension.
  • Make sure the heating bed is perfectly clean, ideally cleaned with isopropanol, do not use detergents with additives.
  • Use 3D printing adhesive to achieve better adhesion of the object (e.g. Magigoo, PrintaFix)
  • Do not use old (moisture) or cheap (precision) filament.
  • Pay attention to the temperatures of the printer, the filament manufacturers and the printer manufacturer provide information about the temperatures.
  • All filaments also have a speed limit, see manufacturer information.
  • Scaling the object up or down, can cause the object to malfunction
  • Here is a list of problems that can occur (Google search):
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